top scuba diving destinations

top scuba diving destinations

Scuba diving has been one of the irresistible activities for travellers who crave to pump their adrenaline levels. There is no dearth of fine dive destinations in the world, and one doesn’t have to rush as far as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef! Many island scuba diving destinations located relatively much closer offer scintillating scuba diving and snorkelling experience.


Maldives is a true paradise for divers from across the world and a key reason why flights to Maldives remain so popular. Hundreds of islands at Maldives have an infinite number of dive sites that feature fantastic multi-hued marine life ranging from healthy corals, colourful gorgonians, as well as fishes of many rare varieties. It is even possible to spot the sharks a little away from the shallow reef. The diving and snorkelling experience at Maldives is mind-boggling and the dive centres and the resorts here add to the experience with professional instructors and high standard equipment.

Sipadan, Malaysia

Off the North Eastern Malaysian Borneo’s coast lies this lone volcanic island, now extinct, which is a treasure trove of rich marine life and a perfect haven for divers. Most diving enthusiasts booking tickets to Malaysia do not miss Sipadan. 12 dive sites and an expansive area of shallow waters on the reef make sure that the divers, as well as snorkelling buffs, have the maximum fun and varied experience.

top scuba diving destinations

Take a quick plunge at ‘Drop Off’ or a spectacular brush with the marine life in shallow waters before taking the plunge at ‘South Point.’ While sighting the enormous schools of Barracuda, green and hawksbill turtles and parrotfish is common, fishes like manta and eagle rays, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks are some of the visitors in Sipadan waters. Read more information about Valuable tips for scuba diving at proper place by clicking at


The warm bath waters of the Indian Ocean ensure that the coast of Mauritius remains a perfect home for amazing coral reefs supporting a myriad of brightly hued marine species ranging from fabulous sessile organisms to smaller and larger fishes. Mauritius is popular for being a perfect destination for exciting tropical holidays. Diving and snorkelling activity may be only two of the many trappings that the country boasts of; however, these remain the most significant ones continue. There are some possibilities in Mauritius ranging from wrecks diving, cave diving, coral and most interestingly Shark diving. Numerous dive centres offer diving courses to the visitors and also provide guided dive tours.

Maria La Gorda, Cuba

Many newbie divers may not have heard of Cuba’s premiere dive destination but ask a veteran, and you will know that Maria La Gorda is amongst world’s best diving destinations. The marine life is unparalleled and ranges from smallest of the flora and fauna member to the largest ones, not ruling out even the sharks. However, the site is preferred mostly by the veteran divers as there is nothing at Maria La Gorda but diving avenues. The only dive centre and the hotel may not match many holidaymakers’ expectations. However, an extraordinary diving experience here continues to lure divers to look for cheap air tickets to Cuba. To get the information about divers institute of technology, click here.

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